Written translation

La Fit Trans LTD offers translation of documents from and into 50 languages. We work with over 800 qualified translators, who have rich experience in translation services. Most of our translators are sworn at the Consular department of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Depending on the complexity of the text of the documents for translation, the types of documents are divided into 4 groups. Please, visit the section Prices for more information.

After translation, the documents are read carefully and edited by a professional editor. If necessary, we can provide consultation with an external expert on the relevant topic of the text.

The translated documents are stored in the centralized information system of La Fit Trans LTD and every Client has access to a personal Internet profile, where he can review all translated documents and fulfilled orders. Please, visit the section Technologies for more information.

The prices for the translation of documents are divided not only by groups, but also by different order time:

The time interval for each of the types of orders depends on the place, where the order was given. Here are our time limits for Sofia-an ordinary order (up to 48 hours), a fast order (up to 24 hours) and an express order (up to 8 working hours).

Please, visit the section Prices - Written translations for more information about the price list of La Fit Trans LTD and in case of bigger volume and desire for long-term work with La Fit Trans LTD, please, get in touch with us through the section Contacts and you will get a personal price offer in compliance with your requirements.