La Fit Trans LTD prepares your documents for legalization at the Consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria. Before the documents are legalized, they are translated, put into a licensed blank form, signed by a sworn translator and are submitted by our representative to the competent institution. The company also submits documents to nearly all embassies and institutions in the country. After the certification, the document becomes valid before the authorities in the relevant country.

The company pays all institution fees in stead of you and performs the whole process related to the submittal and receipt of documents from an institution. For the sake of avoiding the taxation of institution fees with VAT and the needless raising of the cost of the procedure, La Fit Trans LTD (under article 50 from VAT Law) does not calculate VAT over VAT-free institution fees.

The procedure for the preparation of documents for legalization is performed by specialists, who have rich experience of many years, which guarantees quality and correct service on the part of La Fit Trans LTD.

Please, visit the section Prices - Legalization for more information about the company price list of company fees for the preparation of documents for legalization and their submittal to the competent institutions. You can find in this section an valid list of institution fees.