About us

La Fit Trans LTD was created as a merger of a group of companies, which operate in different areas of services and information technologies in the country and abroad.

The company was licensed by the Consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria to perform translation services.

The project goal is to be provided services related to the translation of documents and their preparation for legalization in the whole country. For this reason, the company started creating a network of company offices.

La Fit Trans LTD offers the translation of different in complexity documents and their preparation for legalization. After translation, every document is processed by an editor and is stored in the information system of La fit Trans LTD.

All documents are processed in a centralized way and are subject to quality control, which guarantees their proper delivery to the Client.

La Fit Trans LTD, as a part of a financially stable group of companies, which neither has liabilities to banks nor to partners and suppliers, may guarantee, that Your orders will be correctly fulfilled within the stipulated time limits and all future contacts with the company will be at the same level and of excellent quality.

La Fit Trans LTD has an agreement with the remaining companies from the group to use their technical and human resources. This fact gives an opportunity to be provided complex services to our Clients and to be utilized the experience of a large number of various specialists, working in different fields.