Translation and legalization of documents

La Fit Trans LTD was created as a merger of a group of companies, which operate in different areas of services and information technologies in the country and abroad.

The company was licensed by the Consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria to perform translation services.

The project goal is to be provided services related to the translation of documents and their preparation for legalization in the whole country. For this reason, the company started creating a network of company offices.

La Fit Trans LTD offers the translation of different in complexity documents and their preparation for legalization. After translation, every document is processed by an editor and is stored in the information system of La fit Trans LTD.

All documents are processed in a centralized way and are subject to quality control, which guarantees their proper delivery to the Client. Learn more


Documents translation

La Fit Trans LTD offers translation of documents from and into 50 languages. We work with over 800 qualified translators, who have rich experience in translation services. Most of our translators are sworn at the Consular department of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Learn more


Documents legalization

La Fit Trans LTD prepares your documents for legalization at the Consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria. Before the documents are legalized, they are translated, put into a licensed blank form, signed by a sworn translator and are submitted by our representative to the competent institution. The company also submits documents to nearly all embassies and institutions in the country. After the certification, the document becomes valid before the authorities in the relevant country. Learn more


La Fit Trans offers translation and legalization services in 46 offices in 27 cities: Благоевград, Ботевград, Бургас, Бяла Слатина, Варна, Велико Търново, Габрово, Дулово, Дупница, Златоград, Казанлък, Костинброд, Кърджали, Кюстендил, Ловеч, Момчилград, Монтана, Пазарджик, Петрич, Радомир, Рудозем, Русе, Сандански, София, Тетевен, Троян, Шумен. Learn more


La Fit Trans is certified under the provision of translation services and compliance with European standards from Bulgarian Institute for Standardization and Austrian Standarts Plus Certification. Certificate acquired: ISO 17100:2015-05.

EN ISO 9001:2008

The company is certified for quality provision of translation services in accordance with standard EN ISO 9001:2008 from TÜV Austria.